Our Story

Pallet Possibilities was born out of necessity due to some very difficult times encountered by our family.  Our adult daughter, Jennifer, suffered a brain aneurysm in October, 2015.  Shortly after that, Betty, her mother, suffered a near fatal heart blockage while caring for Jennifer.  Betty had to have emergency surgery and received five stents in her heart.  Both Betty and Jennifer could no longer work as school teachers.  So, Pallet Possibilities, Betty's brainchild, was conceived and created to help the family with expenses and to give both Jennifer and Betty a sense of purpose. 

Opening in 2016, Pallet Possibilities is dedicated to providing a fun experience for all. 

We started on our farm, but have since moved to a home that is more suited for Jenn's needs.  So, our donkeys stayed behond on the farm.  We have decided to make Pallet Possibilities mobile and will now come to you

As a family owned and operated business, we strive to make everyone who attends our classes feel like they are part of our family.  

We love pallets so much that we even built our entire bathroom using repurposed pallets!

Jenn and Betty

Betty and Jenn

Jeremy is our hard workding Pallet Buster!